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Enjoy summer in Amsterdam with your friends on a floating terrace!

Quick Details

Private Boat

Cruise with your friends!

Enjoy the summer together with your friends on our floating terrace. You have the boat completely for yourself, in the fresh open air with enough space around you. Relax during the 2-hour tour, cruising through the canals of Amsterdam on the luxury MANA. Prefer to cruise a little bit longer? No problem! For 20 euro per person per hour you can extend your tour.

You can book the private boat tour for a minimum of 7 friends and a maximum of 10. Does your group of friends partly consist of more than two people from one household? Then it might be possible to have a few friends extra on board!

What is included?
To make your tour complete, we provide tasty snacks, such as olives, Dutch cheese, a variety of nuts, and dried biological sausage. The tour is including a skilled captain who sails you safely through the canals.

Feeling like a cocktail during the tour? That is possible too! Cocktails are excluded in the price, but available at our fully equipped bar on board.