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Amsterdam evening canal cruise

This one-hour canal cruise along the Amsterdam canals is, without a doubt, the best outdoor activity at night. Why? Because the city is simply stunning after dark, and there’s no need to explain how romantic it can be. As soon as the sun sets, the city transforms into a magical scene, with lights sparkling on the water like something straight out of a fairy tale.

During the tour, we’ll cruise through the world-famous canals, also known as the “Venice of the North.” Departing from the Anne Frank House or the Central Station, we’ll make our way to the Amstel River, passing by numerous landmarks and highlights such as the Jordaan neighborhood, the famous Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), and the Golden Bend, known for its impressive buildings. Our local skippers will regale you with fascinating stories about the city’s history, but be warned: their dark sense of humor might catch you off guard.

Settle into our comfortable seats, make yourself cozy, and enjoy the range of drinks available onboard.